Friday, January 29, 2010

Highest shares of freight vehicles in Northern Europe regions

From: Significant differences between regions in the stock of passenger cars and freight vehicles

There are important disparities in the use of passenger cars within the various regions of the different European countries.

The number of passenger cars per inhabitant provides an illustration of this phenomenon, with the highest regional rate registered in the EU being more than eleven times the lowest one. At EU-27 level, the average rate is estimated at 0.54 passenger cars per inhabitant in 2007.

The ratio is often linked to economical or geographical issues: the highest ratios are more likely to be registered in less accessible regions while the lowest ratios are more often observed in regions with high density of population and where the public transport network is typically quite developed. The highest numbers of passenger cars per inhabitant are registered in the West European regions and an important geographical contrast prevails compared with the East European countries.

The picture is however different when considering freight vehicles. The highest regional stocks of freight vehicles are registered in regions playing a key role in large-scale freight transport, representing either major entry points to the EU or important crossroads.

The highest shares of freight vehicles are registered in Northern Europe regions: 9 of the top-10 regionswith the highest shares of freight vehicles are located in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.  

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