Monday, March 8, 2010

Swedish women: High internet activity and small difference in life expectancy compared with men

From: International Women’s Day: A statistical perspective on women and men in the EU27

Life expectancy for women in 2008 ranged between 77.0 years in Bulgaria and 84.9 years in France (in 2007), and was higher than for men in all Member States. In 2008, the largest differences in life expectancy between women and men, of around eleven years, were found in Lithuania (77.6 years for women and 66.3 years for men), Estonia (79.5 and 68.7) and Latvia (77.8 and 67.0), and the smallest, of around four years, in the Netherlands (82.5 and 78.4), Sweden (83.3 and 79.2) and the United Kingdom (81.8 and 77.6 in 2007). On average in the EU27 in 2007, life expectancy at birth was 82.2 years for women and 76.1 years for men, a difference of 6.1 years.

In 2009, more than half of women (55%) aged 16 to 74 in the EU27 used the internet in the last three months for sending or receiving e-mails, compared with 60% of men. The highest rates for women were found in Sweden (83%), the Netherlands (82%) and Denmark (80%).

Less than one third of women (30%) in the EU27 used the internet for banking, compared with 35% of men. The largest proportions of women were observed in Finland (72%), the Netherlands and Sweden (both 69%).

In 2009, the internet was used by 15% of both women and men in the EU27 to look for a job or to send a job application. Denmark (27%) had the highest rate for women, followed by Finland (26%), Latvia, Sweden and the United Kingdom (all 23%).

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