Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WHO Road safety statistics: Sweden almost ten times safer than Egypt

The risk of dying from a road traffic accident is almost ten times higher for people in Egypt compared to Sweden. In Germany this year 5000 people will die from traffic accidents, 28 died from organic food and so far none from nuclear power. Amazing how societies tolerate traffic deaths!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gothenburg Society Development by statistical storytelling

The trips will increase, but car traffic decreases

May 17, 2010 | Skriv ut E-posta
Each person makes travel more now than a few decades ago, it means that the total number of trips increases. The number of trips has increased, both by car, train, plane and bus. Travel Developments by bicycle or on foot is more difficult to assess.
People travel more and longer commuting distances increase , and there are more trips also at play. The increase in the number of trips have been dispersed among the various modes, so the division between them has remained stable in Gothenburg during the past 20 years.
The number of trips associated with the business cycle, when the recession is less travel. It shows among other things, the number of trips over the Gothenburg municipality, over / under Göta River and the number of passengers traveling through Landvetter airport. It has also been some policy decisions to reduce the cars in the city, much of this work was already in the 1970s, but has also in recent years by including reductions in the number of central parking lots.
Changing travel habits in the future?
Car ownership has increased over time, but there are assumptions about the number of cars will fall forward in 2030, including the interest in carpooling increases. So far, the cars become more and more fuel efficient and a move towards more electric cars can do to car travel and car ownership is increasing despite higher gasoline prices.
In the Gothenburg region, the municipalities agreed to invest in public transport, and there are many examples of that improvement of public transport leading to increased travel. Although bike lanes are built out to more people to ride a bike, but if this causes changes in travel behavior are unclear. Cycling is controlled much of the weather.
The environment is affected by people's means of travel, increased travel by public transport, walking and cycling are preferred to car and air traffic as long as it uses non-renewable fuel. But even if there is a shift generates air and road traffic noise and congestion. People also takes time, which means that people's working days may be longer and it may affect the family situation.

Friday, August 19, 2011