Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eurostat Crime Statistics: Sweden low rate of prisoners

Data from September 2010, most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database

The EU-27 prison population rose by 1.3 % per year during the period 1997 to 2006 to reach a total of almost 600 000, which equated to 0.12 % of the EU’s population; for comparison, the prison population of the United States was some 0.79 % of the total population (see Table 3).
When expressed in relation to total population, the Baltic Member States and Poland had more than 200 prisoners per 100 000 inhabitants. At the other end of the range, the Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark and Sweden (as well as Iceland and Norway among non-member countries), Slovenia and Ireland (2006), each reported less than 75 prisoners per 100 000 inhabitants in 2007.

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