Thursday, September 29, 2011

NComVA Sweden Migration and Commuting Flow Maps Examples

Flow Map - STGIS - Paper.pdf

The start-up application in Full-Screen mode, with Vertical Layout is shown below.

At top of the application, on the right-hand side of the menu, there is a toolbar for quick access to most useful and high frequently used analysis features such as finding top incoming and/or outgoing flows when we focus on one or many regions, finding top global flows without focus points and finding regions that attract people most and, or the opposite regions. Two next combo-boxes are to change the indicator and the flows of interest. 

The left-hand panel is the Histogram panel from which user can view data in bar chart form, sort data by desired indicator and filter data in particular range.

The right-hand panel, the main part of the application, is the Flow Map panel. It displays flows as curve arrows based on selected values in the Settings Panel. Next tabs in this panel are data table view and Scatter Plot view.

The rightmost panel is the Content Browser panel from which user can mange (create, edit, delete and load) visualization stories and share (export and import) them with other colleagues.

The bottom panel is to control the animation if time-series data is available.

    Sweden Commuting 2008

    • The Flow of commuting to and from the swedish municipalities

    Sweden Migration 2009

    • The Flow of migration to and from the swedish municipalities

    Sweden/Norway Commuting Migration 2006-2008

    • The Flow of commuting migration to and from the swedish and norwegian counties

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