Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Economist: Stockhom ranked 20th worldwide and fastest growing in West Europe

Posted 12 Mar 2012 
In particular, European cities, from Stockholm and Frankfurt, to Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich, all rank highly based on their comprehensive public transport systems, well-established utility networks, high quality building stock, and more. Creating this infrastructure has required a lot of time and capital, but it serves to ease the flow of commerce and people—from sending a parcel to a client, to exporting goods to new markets, to enabling staff to easily commute to work.
Stockholm is ranked as number twenty in overall score worldwide. 
The fastest growing West European city is forecast to be Stockholm, expanding by an average of 3.2% over 2010-2016; all others will grow by less than 3% per annum over that period and many by far less, with the economies of Athens and Lisbon expected to contract.

Economist Intelligence UnitThe Global City Competitiveness Index

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