Thursday, March 15, 2012


European Commission services have selected around 60 indicators, divided into thematic groups, which illustrate some key dimensions of the European information society.

The following pages allow the interactive creation of graphs, visualising the data you are interested in. The complete list of indicators is available at the end of this page.

Please select one of the available graphs:

1. Analyse one indicator and compare countries
This bar-chart allows you to select one indicator, one year, and see which countries are leading the league. You can also check if the ranking of countries has changed over the last few years. Countries are always ordered according to their score. You can also select or de-select countries in order to visualise only those you are interested in.
2. See the evolution of an indicator
To assess progress and estimate future developments it is essential to know where we come from. Time-line charts allow you to visualise this kind of trends for one country and to compare it with some others, as well as with the European average trend.
3. Compare two indicators
Scatter-plot is a kind of chart that compares two indicators, represented on the x (horizontal) and y (vertical) axis. Each country appears as a point whose coordinates are its values on the two selected indicators.
4. See a country profile
This chart presents the values of a country for a group of indicators (or all of them), and compares them with the European average. It allows to see if a country is performing above/under EU average and more or less near to the maximum/minimum observed values. The chart is complemented by a table detailing values for each country according to the quartile they belong to.

Further Information

This visualisation tool was made with the help of the Linked Open data, "LOD2" project, co-funded by the European Commission within the FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme (Grant Agreement No. 257943).
The project aims at building an integrated technology stack for publishing linked data. The visualisation and open data pages for the digital agenda scoreboard have been executed as part of the publink activities of the LOD2 project by the LOD2 partners: Tenforce, AKSW research group at the University of Leipzig and OpenLink Software

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