Saturday, April 14, 2012

Historical Statistics from Statistics Sweden

Metadata and introductions translated by Google translate: (not perfect or complete translation of documents, return to original for the complete Swedish document)

You can find older statistics and longer time series that SCB digitized. All the more important official statistics from the 1800s are now digitized and the digitization of the 1900s official statistics is ongoing.

The digitized publications are freely available. It is permitted to copy and reproduce the content. When quoting, please state the source as follows: Source: SCB, the publication title.
The following document you will find a list of everything so far is digitized and published in SCB's library management and also what will be published in future.

Long tradition of statistics

Sweden and Finland have a long tradition of creating statistics. 1749 was Sweden's first census. Sweden, plus Finland, who was Swedish, the only country to have integrated information about its people as far back in time.
Kungl. Commission Scale (Table It) began pressing Official Statistics of Sweden in the early 1800's. The issue was divided into nine topic series, which when SCB formed in 1858 continued in the series Contributions to Official Statistics of Sweden (BiSOS).
1911 began to statistics from various fields will come together in the book series Statistics of Sweden (SOS), which replaced BiSOS.

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