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Dagens Nyheter: Swedish job figures could be halved compared with Finnish statistics

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Youth unemployment is going to be compared internationally, according to an agreement. Yet adjusts many EU countries, their numbers sharply lower. If Sweden had counted as Finland, would our youth unemployment have been nearly half as large.


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  1. Pressmeddelande från SCB/Press Release from Statistics Sweden
    2012-06-01 14:40 Nr 2012:767

    Swedish figures on youth unemployment is calculated as the Finnish
    In view of the past few days reporting in the media about youth and student youth share of it, want to Statistics Sweden, SCB, clarify some facts. Finnish figures on youth unemployment rate is calculated in the same way that you count in Sweden.

    Recently, there have been reports in the media that the Swedish youth unemployment could be halved if SCB had expected the Finnish statistical agency, Statistics does.

    This is not accurate and that distortion is based on errors in a report by the Parliamentary investigation service, RUT.

    Finland uses the same method to count as they do in Sweden. It's a way to count on the UN work ILO held and that makes it possible to compare statistics between countries.

    According to an earlier press release by the Finnish Statistical Office sent out in connection with a similar discussion in Finland on the measurement of youth unemployment. They write, among other things:

    "The rapidly rising unemployment among the young has been taken off the discussion about the definition of the unemployed and the students will be included in the Statistical Centre statistics on unemployment. Statistics Centre of Finland produces official employment and unemployment figures. They are internationally comparable and they are produced under the UN Labour Organisation ILO and European Union regulations. "

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