Monday, August 13, 2012

Swedes faith in government high

From TED Blog 13 August 2012
How pervasive has government distrust gotten?

------- In Denmark and Sweden, faith in government remains high, with 96% and 89% of survey respondents believing that their vote is meaningful. But by contrast, Romanian and Lithuanian citizens  reported feeling largely powerless in their electoral system. Looking at the 27 countries of the European Union as a whole, only 52% of survey respondents said that they believe their vote matters inside their country. And just 33% believe that their vote matters in the context of the European Union at large.
Krastev also referenced another “Future of Europe” survey question in his talk. When asked to agree or disagree with the statement, “Nowadays, there is a big gap between the people’s opinion and the decisions taken by the political leaders,” an overwhelming majority of respondents answered “totally agree” or “tend to agree.” Overall, 89% of Europeans believe that there is a gap between policymakers and the public. See how it breaks down by country in the chart below.

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