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About World-Statistics

International Statistics

World-Statistics is a new portal that gives free and easy access to data provided by International Organisations, such as the World Bank, the United Nations and Eurostat
Data collected by these organisations are often accessible only through their websites, or through specialized portals. Therefore, getting access to relevant data can take long and require accessing various websites and dealing with many formats.
In addition, these websites are usually designed as a repository for the whole information produced by the organisation, and it is difficult for non-specialist users to find the information they are looking for among thousands of very detailed statistical series.


World-Statistics gives user-friendly access to a selection of indicators, carefully selected to meet the most important needs of decision-makers, analysts, journalists, researchers, students and other users. All these indicators can be easily searched, visualized as tables, maps or graphs, and downloaded for further processing.

Direcly from the producer

World-Statistics collects data directly from the International Organisations, and provides them as such including their metadata (definitions, footnotes…).

Understand the World

World-Statistics helps you understand the World. You can look for data, compare countries, and discover the reality hidden behind the figures.

Living project

World-Statistics is a living project. Data are regularly updated and new indicators added. Users are part of the project as they can request new data or new topics to be included.

Our vision

- We believe that statistical information is essential to understand the World and develop policies based on facts.
- We fully support and apply the UN International Principles governing International Statistical Activities.
- We are committed to provide objective and unbiased statistical information.
- We help our users find and understand the statistical information they need.
- We constantly improve our service to give the best access to statistical information.
"Our vision is to be a place where people can find easily the information they need to understand the World"

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