Wednesday, October 17, 2012

.se: The report Swedes and the Internet 2012 released

From: Rapporten Svenskarna och Internet 2012 släppt

(Part of the press release translated by Google below)


October 17, 2012
The daily use of the Internet have increased significantly among children in low-and middle school. Now, over half of Swedish people access the Internet via mobile phones, and even surf the plates begin to spread. This is shown by. SE's annual report Swedes and the Internet released today.

A clear trend in the report Swedes and the Internet 2012 is that Internet use continues to go down the ages. The largest increase is school children in low and middle school for, but half of all three-year olds and two of five two year olds use the Internet. It is also becoming more common to connect via smart phones and tablets. In two years, a further third of the Swedish people gained access to the mobile Internet. Now, more than half of Swedish a connected mobile phone.

- We have seen the trend of the declining age of onset of Internet use for some years now, but every time you shocked that it can continue, says Janne Elvelid, project manager for the Swedes and the Internet. U.S..

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