Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NComVA: Introducing a new interactive statistical visualization platform in JavaScript

Introducing a new interactive statistical visualization platform in JavaScript 
For publishing statistics news content, NComVA now introduce a JavaScript-based component platform “GAV JavaScript” for publishing Story-Vislets (generated by eXplorer) with HTML5. This is particular important for the mobile Apple devices where Flash is not supported, but also to provide a new strategic longer-term publishing solution to our customers. 

Try one of the demonstrators with Sweden included

Monday, February 27, 2012

A look inside the EU budget and what the numbers mean (Guardian Data Blog)

As part of their Europa series, the Guardian Data Blog recently posted an article about the EU Budget, focusing mainly on what the EU spends and where its money comes from. The article uses several visual graphics that allow us to see the most detailed recent numbers of the EU budget. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Global Broadband Performance

Based on billions of test results from and, Net Index provides anonymous aggregated statistics comparing Internet broadband around the world.

Gross National Income in PPP dollars

Gross National Income, expressed in purchasing power parity dollars to adjust for price level differences across countries. Not adjusted for inflation.

Eurostat: Sweden second highest increase in industrial new orders of EU27

From: Newsrelease Euroindicators
Among the Member States for which data are available, total manufacturing working on orders rose in nine and fell in thirteen in December 2011 compared with November 2011. The highest increases were registered in Denmark (+19.4%), Sweden (+10.4%) and Italy (+8.0%), and the largest decreases in Hungary (-14.8%), Slovenia (-4.2%), the Netherlands and Portugal (both -2.5%).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SocialBakers: Sweden 18th on Facebook penetration

List of countries on Facebook (changeLast 3 months)

#CountryUsersChange(± %)Pen.
1.Monaco27480-7 600-21.66%89.85%
2.Falkland Islands1900-160-7.77%74.63%
3.Iceland210720+1 640+0.78%68.21%
5.Faroe Islands30060+520+1.76%61.28%
6.Brunei233860+9 620+4.29%59.20%
7.Turks and Caicos Islands13480+3 120+30.12%57.29%
8.United Arab Emirates2831660+209 460+7.99%56.91%
9.Cayman Islands28400+1 300+4.80%56.56%
10.Singapore2587880-15 040-0.58%55.05%
11.Norway2573320+27 800+1.09%55.03%
12.Chile9173100+203 240+2.27%54.78%
13.Hong Kong3712100-115 900-3.03%52.36%
14.Qatar433260+118 380+37.60%51.52%
15.The Bahamas158720+800+0.51%51.13%
16.Denmark2814940+28 940+1.04%51.04%
17.Canada17190240+281 860+1.67%50.92%
18.Sweden4572200+73 020+1.62%50.39%
19.Australia10703340+43 760+0.41%50.34%
20.United States155701780-279 680-0.18%50.19%