Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweden ranks top of the Global AgeWatch Index

From: http://www.helpage.org/global-agewatch/data/global-rankings-table/

AgeWatch report card: Sweden

Global AgeWatch rank

1out of 91
Global AgeWatch value
Shows how near a country is to the ideal value of 100.
Total population
9.5 million
Population over 60
2.4 million
% of population over 60


Sweden ranks top of the Global AgeWatch Index. In 1913, it introduced the world's first universal social pension scheme. The 100 year-celebration underlines that many years of development of social welfare is behind Sweden's ranking on the Index.
About half of Sweden's elderly are members in one of the five national pensioners’ organisations. Over the years they have been strong advocates for the rights of older people.
Indexes built on aggregated national data do not take into account economic, gender, social and other inequalities. At present pensioners’ organisations are concerned that the economic gap between pensioners and wage-earners is increasing. They strongly oppose the widening of this gap due to a tax system that puts higher taxes on income from pensions than on corresponding income from salaries.


  1. Great to see the people of Sweden contributing to the financial growth of their country while securing a better future for themselves too.