Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweden 4th in Global Energy Architecture Performance Index 2014 - World Economic Forum


4. Sweden – 0.72
Sweden is the fourth highest performer across the EAPI, receiving its best score in the environmental sustainability dimension, ranking in second place after France. Sweden’s energy sector is defined by its nuclear generating capacity, and a policy and investment focus on renewable energy sources, both in power generation and in the transportation sector. In the 1980s, the Swedish government stated its intent to decommission existing nuclear capacity. However, this policy was repealed in 2010, and there are now life-extension and reactor expansions underway. Nevertheless, Sweden imposes high taxes on nuclear power. In 2009, Sweden’s Climate and Energy Policy outlined the goals of a fossil-fuel independent vehicle fleet by 2030, and net zero GHG emissions by 2050. The policy framework to support the realization of these targets is in part driven by overarching EU energy policies, and partly specific to Sweden’s goals. For example, Sweden leads the way in transport, with a blend of fiscal incentives for the purchase of flexible fuel vehicles and congestion charge systems in urban centres.

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